There are less than 26 days until Our Reunion

More Information Will be Posted Here As It Becomes Available

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Reunion - Chicago, Illinois - Aug 15-19, 2018

This is a Combined Reunion - You Must Register for Both the Division and 2nd502

Note: The 502nd Regimental Dinner is a separate (and third) Registration
Please register ASAP. We have made it as simple as we can, to Register for the Division and 2nd502, just follow the steps below:

Optional Regimental Registration

This step is only if you wish to register for the Regimental Dinner in addition to the 2nd502 and Division Registrations. If not, proceed to Step 1 below

Contact info and Form for Regimental Dinner :
Regimental Reunion
Click on Form Above and save it to your computer, then fill it out and mail it with payment to the address provided.

Joe Stifler (Senior Gov.) 410-697-1291
Tom McMullan (Junior Gov.) 610-384-7232

Now proceed to complete the 2nd502 and Division Registrations:

Download the Forms

Download the Registration Forms Packet All the forms are included in this one PDF file. Right-click on the link and select 'Save File As' to download it.

Fill Out The Division Registration Form

This is the first form in the packet you downloaded.

  • Fill Out the Form
  • There are choices - PICK ONE on the form:
    • 1-FULL Registration + Saturday Breakfast + Saturday Dinner + HR
    • 2-Registration + Saturday Dinner + HR
    • 3-Registration + HR
    • Note: there are also a LADIES LUNCH, baseball game, and other Outings - these are separate and not included in the registration (but may be paid for with the registration).
  • Make out a CHECK Payable to 101st Airborne Div. Assn.

Fill out the 2/502 Registration Form

This is the second form in the packet.

  • Fill out the Form
  • Make out a CHECK payable to 2ND502VN

Put it in the Mail

We made this easy: Send BOTH FORMS AND BOTH CHECKS to:

Dale Joritz
2756 Wakefield Rd
Berkley, MI 48072

We will take care of registering you with Division

Hotel and Other Stuff

  • It is your responsibility to make your own hotel reservation:

    The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center
    70 Yorktown Center
    Lombard, IL 60148

    When calling, be sure to request the group rate for: 101st Airborne Division Association

  • You will not get the group rate with an online reservation. However, you can get hotel information here (directions and other general information)
    Find the hotel on the map here
  • Call your brother troopers and make sure they're coming. Make Sure YOU are coming.


Now Listen Up, This is Important. We're all getting older. Every year we lose more brothers. There aren't as many of us as there used to be. And, it takes money, people, and effort to put on a Reunion. There's never any knowing if maybe the next reunion is the last one.

So, Here It Is:

Don't put it off. Don't keep telling yourself 'maybe next time'. There might not be a Next Time. The brother you wanted to see may be gone. You may be gone. Or there may not be a 'next one'. You want to see your brothers, and they want to see you. Just DO IT.

Do what you can to help out. An event like this costs money. We are getting a break on some costs by linking with the Division. But we are still short of funds to give you the same kind of Reunions we have had, like in Atlanta, Reno, Indy, Nashville and Norfolk. We do not operate in the Black, nor are we in the Red, we usually operate on the Pinkish-Gray line.

Even the smallest amount helps and is appreciated.
We need help for the O Deuce Reunion and other costs (like this web site): Donate